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Bébé ALLIDO: How everything started it?

About Bébé ALLIDO

The littlest feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts. “Bébé ALLIDO” diapers are designed to give your little one a comfy fit over time no matter what stage your baby is in. So from newborn all the way through potty training, we have something for your baby every step of the way.

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Bébé ALLIDO by ALLIDO CONCEPTS is an entrepreneurial company founded by Ibou THIAM, a Senegalese citizen living in Hong Kong.

He was an investment banker, and had a burgeoning sense of environmental awareness. It was during this period that Ibou came across a newspaper article reporting on the damaging effect that bad quality diapers had on the African population. More than 80% of Senegalese babies use bad quality diapers and that mainly due to financial reasons and high prices of the so called good quality diapers. His story begun when He saw the difficulties his sister in Africa was facing to find good qualities products for their children.

At Bébé ALLIDO, our vision is a simple one. We want to provide friendly hygiene products to babies and mothers throughout the world.

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing you have a choice. We want to use only good quality and safe products whenever and wherever possible in our diapers and we will always strive to improve on that front. We provide only quality diapers with Bébé ALLIDO. Our products are a natural choice for environmentally aware parents and women all over the world.

We know our goals are noble ones and we know that there are larger companies out there who compete with us. But we believe in our vision, our products and in you..

Our Goal is to: Understand consumer needs - both physiological and perceived Monitor competitive activities Identify new product opportunities and develop unique concepts Test new prototypes Work with Marketing and others to define and substantiate claims.

At Bébé ALLIDO our first priority is to assure our products are safe for babies and for the environment.

We care more about the wellbeing of the babies and their mums, all for a better and safer environment.


To all the mummies in the world, from all of us at BéBé ALLIDO Team - Thank you and Enjoy the moments with your babies!

CEO & Founder BéBé ALLIDO

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